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HALLEONARD 50448038HalLeonard 50448038 Vocal technique - DVDVOCAL TECHNIQUE - DEVELOPING YOUR VOICE FOR PERFORMANCE Developing Your Voice for Performance Series: Berklee DVD Publisher: Berklee Press Medium: DVD Author: Anne Peckham Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. Lessons include: warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. Anne Peckham is a p..
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Навчальна програма для V-Drums ROLAND DT-1 Навчальна програма для V-Drums ROLAND DT-1
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Обучающяя программа для V-Drums ROLAND DT-1 ..
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